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So you want to Create A Blog!

Learn How to Blog Free,

What Blogging Tools You Need Part 2-


The first article of this series we focused on the first step to creating a successful blog or "mini site creation" specifically your target market or niche market identification.

After you have determined what "niche market" you will be focusing on you will now need to create a website drive traffic to is and capitalize on it.

Niche Marketers routinely choose blogs as their preferred marketing platform because they are extremely easy to use can be easily maintained updated quickly and not as technically involved as a traditional website. A blog's structure by nature is search engine friendly which means better SEO results. Additionally third party plug ins can be easily added.

You can go about creating a successful blog using various Blogging Tools
. The particular blog that you choose to set up should clearly reflect your knowledge of your niche market and what they are looking for. While there are various methods we will cover some of the more important ones such as free traffic generation and incorporating a affiliate program so that you can monetize and generate revenue.

Effective Marketing calls for simplicity that is visually and aesthetically sound. You may like one thing but that does not mean the rest of the world will like it as well. You need to ensure that your blog is visually sound.

A aesthetically and visually pleasing blog by the way it is arranged and and looks will make for a better viewing pleasure for your visitors. It also needs to be arranged in a way that maximizes all the content you create so that you maintain your readers attention and focusing the most attention on your affiliate program.

There are a few ways you want to do this:
Blogging Software

  1. Make sure that the theme of your blog utilizes primarily a white background and has black text. Keep it simple. This advice is often ignored and offers you an opportunity to capitalize. The easiest reading for the eyes is black on white. By using other color schemes the readers eyes can get tired quickly and makes it harder to maintain concentration.

  2. Pages that are absolute musts on your site are an About Us page, A Contacts Page and a Privacy Policy Page. When Google's Crawler Bot crawls your site these critical components are indicators of a serious, non spammy, quality site. Additionally you want to have an archives page (easily achieved by the SRG Clean Archives plug in if you use Wordpress), so as not to have your archives taking up valuable room in your blog sidebar.

  3. When you are deciding on a theme for your blog or mini site you want to keep clean and neat. A busy page with a lot going usually leads the reader to click off. You content should be clearly identifiable and your sidebar navigation should also be clearly identifiable. If your reader is coming from a search engine, they should be able to quickly identify where they need to click to get their information. One of the best rules of thumb is the less the better in terms of features on your blog.

    Once you have an aesthetically pleasing blog, you need some reader pleasing content.

    The assumption has been made that you have lasered in on the product you are going to promote. The next step after defining your target market and identifying your niche is to select the product that you will promote. This is how you will earn your money.

    Once you have selected your product you now need to spend your time creating content that the people in your niche market will consider resourceful, helpful and valuable and then use that created content to drive your new website visitors to the affiliate page and start making some money!

    By now you you should have some keywords selected that are relevant to your niche that are uncompetitive with reference to how many pages you have optimized for the search engines.

    Where you'd ideally start your content creation is by writing an article on this uncompetitive term, posting it on your site and getting it ranked in the search engines. From here, you can develop as much content on search phrases from your niche, as you desire (remember you got those phrases from a tool like the Word tracker keyword tool) in order to increase traffic to your site.
    Create A Blog and make some money Now!

    We will take a deeper look at driving visitors to your blog or mini site in the next article.

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"What is a Blog anyway"! What type of "blogging software" should you use? What should you write about?

These are some of the big questions that determine what makes a successful (from a pofitability stand point) blog or mini site. There are several important area's that your blog needs to incorporate in order to drive traffic to your site!

The first key to generating traffic to your blog and start to earn revenue is it has to target a group of people (a niche) who are looking for information on specific topic of interest. This is also know as target marketing.
"Firepow Blogging Software"

A great target market selection of niche identification usually surrounds something that causes pain or a need to know (I.E. health issues, losing weight, training a dog etc). Mostly all people are looking to relieve some kind of emotional or physical pain and or are wanting to learn "How To" to something.

By identifying and properly targeting these groups of people you are ensuring that not only are you providing a solution to their need but you are also ensuring traffic to your blog and setting yourself up to be in a position to blog for money.

If that sounds out of line, trying to help and assist people who are looking for solutions to meet their needs, it's not. It's called marketing. Marketers have been doing this for your whole life and you probably never realized it, If you want to be successful at blogging this is how to market effectively.

Furthermore, you're going to provide these people with a real solution, they will be thankful and happy to bookmark your site and keep coming long as you provide useful and resourceful information. This is "How To Create a Successful Blog"

So you're seeking a group of people who have a specific problem or need, but it does not stop there.

Now you will need to determine how many people there are looking for answers to this particular problem or need. How many people is enough you ask?
That's a great question.

With some sites, you only need 20-50 visitors per day to generate a nice profit monthly. On the other hand you may need to generate thousands per day with other niches, services or products that you promote. The amount of revenue you generate depends on what you sell, to whom you sell it, as well as how much commission you earn when you sell to them.

A lot of individuals think you should focus on a target market or niche market that has no comptition, a niche without competition isn't necessarily a good thing. Zero competition often means that the niche is not profitable. It is actually better to be in a niche with some competition. You want to take a look at their site and then be sure to craft your site so that it offers better content and information so that you blow away the competition. "Firepow Blogging Software" offers you everything you need to get started.

You should focus on monthly visitor or traffic for your niche that you have selected. Tools such as Word tracker can help you identify this. You need to identify how many searches per day a particular key phrase produces in thess search engines. After you do that, you now want to look at what other sites or blogs are competing in the same niche.

The final thing you will need to accomplish when "searching for a good niche", is whether or not the niche offers a quality product or products for you to promote. You need something to sell to these people, that is superior quality, has phenomenal marketing material (sales letter etc, so it will convert your traffic well) and pays a decent commission.

Of course this is assuming that you are evaluating the affiliate marketing model of how to make money with your blog - if you're looking to retire from your job and earn a full time passive income, and you should be, then I recommend this model. There are many other ways to make money in which you may want to take in consideration various options when evaluating your niche selection.

The bottom line is that you need the blogging tools and resources. I highly recommend "
Firepow Blogging Software"
This is revolutionary software includes everything you need to create a successful blog.

If you can incorporate all of the above factors when selecting your niche, you will be giving your new blog and yourself some of the best possible chances of great success. It is my hope that you have found this information valuable and resourceful.

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I feel there are so many angles from which I could make a review of Andrew Hansen's new "blogging software Firepow".

I thought I might focus here on one particular element of the program which I consider to be particularly intregal to the success of a blogger, namely, the ability to drive traffic to their blog.

If you've ever started a blog, or any form of website trying to earn some cash, you'll know it's not exactly a case of "if you build it they will come".

Even a great blog doesn't guarantee traffic and a major part of a bloggers focus has to be spreading the word about their blog in a variety of ways in order to continually increase traffic and profits.

Sure, I could have talked about the blog creation and management aspects of "Firepow", which I know so many new online marketers and bloggers will find so valuable. But for me, I'm more concerned about how the program can help a user increase traffic and "make more money".

Anyway, that said - I thought I'd make a brief mention of some such features of the program in order to open your eyes to the ways this program might be as much a benefit to you as I predict it will be for me.

The first thing I like, or perhaps category of thing I like, is the ability the user has to easily generate "backlinks" to their blog once it's up and running.

When you "start a new blog", you want enough search engine spider juice to your site to have it able to rank well for long tail uncompetitive keywords, purely by on page optimization, within a few days of being created.

In addition to giving you powerful on page optimization capabilities (like allowing you to set the meta data AND h1h2 tag data for every post or page), "Firepow" lets you quickly generate the spider juice you need to get indexed and potentially ranking for an uncompetitive term.

For example, as soon as your site is created, you can click a button to have your RSS feed submitted to a bunch of "RSS directories". You'll get some valuable link backs, plus some great spider activity right off the bat. Not to mention the ping from your post.

Furthermore, if you choose to, you could use a tool called BlogLove Builder, to quickly and easily implement a trackback to a popular blog post within your own blogs first post - and instantly generate more link juice, and even a few visitors right from the get go too!

Furthermore, if you focus on "search engine traffic" you'll know about the importance of link building in locking in long term rankings. Initial spider juice can get you a quick ranking, but for a LASTING ranking, you need an assortment of relevant quality "backlinks" establishing your page as an authority on that keyword.

"Firepow" has that more than covered, giving you the ability to obtain links from social networks, blog comments, and in content links from Firepow's own network of high PageRank blog sites as well.

I stress that even what I've mentioned here isn't close to all of the tools "Firepow" gives you to drive traffic to your site. And it's for that reason among many that 'm recommending all my blog readers to check it out for themselves.

Here's the link:

Get Firepow