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It has been a while since you have received an update...and for a good reason :-)

In an effort to deliver the highest quality information pertaining to Upcoming Product Launches, Product Development, Product Promotion and Joint Venturing....I have been developing a new...robust and Fully Integrated Site....and all of my partners are migrating to the new site. (do not use this link)

My list of Joint Venture Partners has grown exponentially and includes marketers at all levels. I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet, work with and promote some of the largest names in the industry. They all have been begging me to get a new site up to bridge all of the gaps that are out there now.

So now the time has come. To release one of the best Highly relevant JV Sites around. There are many product launches already listed and we are still programming, tweaking and populating the site. Membership is free for all of my existing subscribers and believe me when I tell you that the new site is 1st class all the way. Additionally, the site is not limited to the Internet Marketing Niche. So no matter what niche market you are marketing in....we have got it covered.

There are many features, resources and tools. So to get right to it.....This will be the last update you get from The IM Reporter Site.

Please go to

This is an optin which will replace your subsciption here. More importantly you will receive the link to the BETA VERSION of JV Product Launch. (This is a Free site)

There is nothing being sold here.....just one of the best Sites on the net when it comes to JV's.
After opting in you will immediately receive an email with the site link...and some other information.

Make sure you check out the launch calendar, the forum and how the Product Launches are broken down by niche :-)....i personally like the scrolling ticker stream that shows the upcoming launches.

Over the course of the next two days you will receive a couple more emails with links to some great Training videos on How Lucrative JV's are....and how to Recruit a JV Army. I partnered up with Brian McElroy to put together these video's.

And if you are a product developer, publisher you can find out how to get your product listed on the site.

It is worth the extra 2 minutes it will take to migrate over. You will love it. I promise.
Once you opt in to the new site...please unsubscribe from this one.

Highest Regards,
Sean is the link one more time