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Well Allen, over at the Warrior Forum has another one of his contest running right now. Here's the quick version...create a video made about

"The Greatest IM Guru".

But, make sure you click on that link for complete details.

Allen has it all spelled out.

Check out my Video Entry....over there on the right.

...A little bit about the the Family over at the Warrior Forum...

The Warrior Forum is arguably the very best Internet Marketing Forum on the net. Allen Say's, the visionary behind this powerful forum, launched the Warrior Forum in 1997.

Over the past 11 years Allen Say's has incubated his baby and kept a steady hand to ensure that a Online Warrior would emerge! I would say that Allen's Warrior is on a run away Internet track.

Not only has the has the Warrior Forum grown exponentially, but this forum and its members change lives!

There is only one "Greatest Internet Marketing Guru"

Warrior Forum

Since its inception the forum has grown to over 110,000 members strong. This is the cremda-la-crem of Powerful Internet Marketing Information.

Every answer for virtually every aspect of Internet Marketing, Web Design, Traffic Generating, SEO, Blogging, Affiliate Management, Joint Ventures....the list goes on and on.

Have a question? Just ask. The members of the Warrior Forum look out for each other and are there to help. There is a ZERO SPAM Policy. And Nothing else can compare or compete. Why?

Because this a thriving community of great people. People that you do not find anywhere else. Why?

Because all of the "Guru's" are at the Warrior Forum.

These are the people who started from nothing. These are the people who have tried it. These are the people who have been there, done that! These are the people who also got frustrated and had no place to find the Truth.

These same people, many who are long term Warrior Members, represent the most gifted, talented, wealthy eager and willing to learn people in the industry. More Importantly, The Warrior Forum is a woven community rich with character, people of all ages, and PEOPLE who TRULY Help One Another.

Check This Thread!.

The Dynamics and Synergy of the Warrior Forum is Life Changing.

YOU WILL NEVER Find another Internet Marketing Community like The Warrior Forum.


The Heart of the Warrior Fourm

There is no need to spam! When you join the forum (which is free), be yourself. Ask questions and offer advice when you can. If you take the time to become a part of the community the community ends up giving back to you. There are those who have made over $50k in year (much much more for some) from this forum.

This is an Awesome Community of regular people who love Internet Marketing. As a result of this "kind of love" and passion most of these peoples dreams are coming true. The Warriors help each other grow their online Businesses.

No matter who you are....if you are serious about making money online...then you are welcomed at the Warrior Forum. Get yourself registered, make a post in the General Discussion Section and introduce yourself! Let us know where you are at with your business! And be sure to let them know that The IM Reporter sent ya!

Are you just starting out?

You are guaranteed to receive a Warm Welcome!

Warrior Forum- Get involved - take action

We welcome every new person who is striving to make good money online. I cannot stress enough though....There is a ZERO SPAM POLICY. Trust is what the Warrior Forum represents. And be sure to everyone know that The IM Reporter sent ya!

Warrior Forum!

Making Money and Changing Lives since 1997

Back to the "cool contest" :) There are a lot of people entering with really good video's. That is one of the best things about the Warrior Forum, genuine people and tremendous support surrounding Internet Marketing and Fellowship!

Warrior Forum is Organizing Together As a Community and raising $20,000.00 for a longtime Warrior and Micheal Tracey?

Here is the Case You Missed it above

Michael Tracey -Desperately Needs You Help

A Forum of People

You Can Call Family

This is also a great way to practice making video's...even if you have never done it. You can ask question.

Not to mention a Brilliant Idea the Allen came up with. The SEO, page ranking, back linking that this will create for the forum should be very favorable. That brings me to another thing....

The "War Room"-an Allen Say's Exclusive.

A room of people who do nothing but make money hand over fist!

This is one of the only area's of this free forum that requires a membership fee. It is $37 and well worth every penny...this is a whole other dynamic, worth another IM report on its own.

Anyway, this is a great contest from a great Mentor, and a Superior Internet Marketing Genius who has taken Internet Marketing to the next level. The Family of the Warrior Forum is Powerful and together can move Cash Mountains!

I hope you enjoyed the video.

Don't be a stranger...leave a Comment and pick up a backlink!!!

no spam please.


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  • Packet hundreds of these articles together and sell them from pennies on the dollar generating revenue.
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"Article Marketing" is a strategy that encompasses multiple avenues. Yes, submitting articles to directories is one vehicle but there is much more. Think about like this. As I write this...I am writing a article. You see, anything that involves writing (especially as it pertains to online marketing) is "Article Marketing".

You may have heard that in order to gain "Backlinks" to your website you need to do a whole bunch of stuff (this is a whole other topic).
In essence all of it is article marketing. View your site as the "Heart" of your online business. A heart needs arteries and veins to circulate blood and keep it alive. Well backlinks are the arteries and veins of your website, they keep traffic coming to your site...which keeps your site alive!

Generating backlinks =
ARTICLE MARKETING! You need to create "Hubpages", "Squidoo Lens's", Forum Posts etc. Guess what, they are all created using content and content means writing some form of article. From now on...anytime you hear "Content is King" think "Article Marketing" because articles create the content! "Article Marketing is King!

Let's face it. Most of us are not writers nor do we really have to desire to sit at our computer all day a write articles. Not to mention generating the idea's to write the articles. BUT articles are a necessity if we are to keep our websites heart beating. What is the answer?

PLR Articles | Private Label Rights

You need to use
"PLR Articles"! The trick is that you will need to spend some time and tweak them. BUT, it is a lot faster and easier to tweak an already written 500 word article than to sit down and write a 500 word article. And, if you are really good you transform the article into a "Spin Ready Article". Spin ready articles include special charaters like {{{ TEXT}}} | TEXT | that when done properly can be put into a "Article Spinner". Hit the "Enter Button" and viola! You now have another original article! NOW THAT's POWERFUL!

So, you get one
PLR Article and submit to an Article Directory (one backlink | Artery). Spin the same article and create a "Hubpage" (another backlink | Artery), spin the article again and create a "Squidoo Lens" (yet another backlink | Artery). Are you getting the idea?

IMPORTANT- The Key is to find a good source for your PLR Content. There are a lot of diffrent places to look and there is a LOT OF GARBAGE. This is where Simply PLR comes in.

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