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Automotive Marketing Online

The number one leader in US advertising spending, the automotive sector, has now dipped a notch into the number two position being bumped by the retail sector. The spending on advertisements in the sector is going in reverse, and moving onto the Internet. Nearly $3 billion dollars will be spent this year in online advertising which is a 21.6% increase.

Research reports show that 8 out of 10 automotive consumers consult the Internet at least once when considering to purchase a car. It's no secret that Auto advertisers are following their market online.

Although these automakers and dealers can see the cost effectiveness of the Internet, it's ability to be measured and in some ways better than the traditional media outlets the channel goes without getting a free ride in the passenger seat. Marketing executives are closely watching the online executions they are employing and evaluating technologies and scrutinizing as closely the older, more established advertising vehicles ensuring that all touch points operate in sync.

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