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99 years old and online?

You may not have been targeting 99-year-olds in your last online campaign, but you might have reached them anyway.

More than one out of 10 US consumers ages 99 and older surveyed by Gfk Roper Public Affairs & Media for Evercare said they used the Internet, and 7% used e-mail.

Internet and Mobile Phone Activities* Conducted by US Seniors Ages 99+, April-May 2008 (% of respondents)

The results were based on a sample of only 100, so they should be considered directional rather than definitive. Still, the US Census Bureau says there will be more than 100,000 Americans ages 100 and older by 2010, and baby boomers will surely increase those numbers for at least the next 30 years. And they will be bringing their technology with them.

US Internet Users Ages 62+, 2006-2011 (millions and % of total Internet users)

Baby boomers may bristle at being called "seniors," but the generation is huge in numbers and promises to be a rich audience for all sorts of online services—with evolving needs.

For online retailers, one way to please older consumers without boring younger ones is to create a niche site. Online stores can gather appropriate products together that seniors might have trouble finding among all the general merchandise displayed.

Learn more about seniors and e-commerce. Read eMarketer's US Retail E-Commerce: Slower But Still Steady Growth report.

Britain Population Gaining Market Share

Britain's population proves to be one of the most savvy online worldwide populations. More the 40% of online sales for 2008 will come from Western Europe as e-commerce confidence grows higher.

Buyer numbers as well as the annual spend per buyer are both growing providing th country a solid lead in the e-commerce arena over Europe's other nations.

In 2007 average online monthly visitors climbed to 37 million people or more than 61% of it's total population. There is no sign of waiver either. It is predicted that approximately 70% of all UK residents will have access to the Internet by 2012.