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In the foreword to a new book, Mark Joyner points out that
the internet marketing crowd may, on the surface, share
some common features with a cult:

"A unique language understood only by those in the cult,
"guru" figures of whom many blindly follow, and bizarre
rites and rituals."

Let's see....

- Unique language: squeeze pages, optin rate, conversion
rate, PPC, CPM, CPA
- Guru figures: enough said!
- Bizarre rites and rituals: launching new websites at the
drop of a hat, constantly searching for better tools (which
spring up every day), working at all hours of the day or

While Joyner's comparison may in some sense be accurate,
there's another word that better describes this collection
of eclectic individuals we know as "internet marketers".



Think about it: in what other business arena do the major

- Freely share their biggest "secrets"?
- Promote each others' products and services?
- Sell to each other, and to each other's customers?

I can't think of any other business endeavor where
successful business owners are so open and transparent with
their colleagues and potential competitors ("newbies").

And Joel Comm has now taken this transparency to a whole
new level.

You may know Joel as the guy who figured out how to make
Google's Adsense a money-pumping hands-free oil well and
then turned around and wrote a book about what he learned...

In the New York Times Best Seller The Adsense Code, he
pulled back the curtain so others can duplicate what he

Joel's new book -the one with the foreword by Mark
Joyner-documents the history of the internet marketing

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Internet Marketing Entrepreneurs is the most complete
background of Internet marketing that exists today.

Joel retells story after story of dozens of today's
internet marketers: how they got started and the paths they
took to become successful.

Once you finish reading this book, you will never look at
Internet Marketing in the same way. Not only do you get an
inside look at marketers including:

- Marlon Sanders
- John Carlton
- Michel Fortin
- Willie Crawford
- Armand Morin

Plus many others, often in their own words...

You also get the little "nuggets" of practical and
strategic wisdom that Joel has deftly included too.
So the book is part family history, part marketing
education, and part inspiration.

You might already be part of the family, if you:

- Know what a squeeze page is
- Spend time obsessing over your "opt-in rate"
- Check your Clickbank or Paypal account twenty times a day
- Continually search for better-performing keywords
- Hang out with your online friends more than with your "offline" buddies

...then congratulations! You are already a member of the "family".

If not, the fastest way to join this family is to read the book!

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Sean Mcalister

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