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Sorry if You Missed It

Hey Everyone,

I have another exclusive Pre Launch
Opportunity for you.

Michael Cheney has given me the opportunity
to be one of his select JV Brokers for this deal.

It will be another huge launch.
Get on board now...Prelaunch Materials should be ready in the next couple of days.

Golden Thread -Private/JV SignUp

Your List will love this one!!!

They DON'T need a product.

They DON'T need a list.

They DON'T even need a website.

They are getting ready-made products to sell as their own and ready-made video templates that will make them money. The personalization comes from the 6-week Training Program where they will get their own unique "Golden Thread".

( Your List Will *Love* It! )

Here's your breakdown of what The Golden ThreadTM buyers will get;

The 4 Ready-To-Earn Cash Cannons

  • Money-making video salesletter templates
  • 4 separate Cash Cannons to get them more Prospects, make more money with affiliate Promotions, sell more Products and recruit more Partners.
  • Includes the written script, all web files, Powerpoint and video guides
  • They just fill in the blanks and start making money.

The 2 Ready-To-Earn Products to Sell as Their Own

  • TWO brand new, full video training programs (one on traffic, one on cash tactics)
  • Personally created by MIchael
  • Totally brandable products
  • All website files, professionally-designed graphics and videos included
  • Include salesletters personally written by me
  • No reference to me or my sites in these products
  • Same quality and value in products I have individually made $600k+ from

The 6-Week Online Interactive Training Program

  • Module-based Program delivered via weekly recorded videos, audios, reports and mindmaps
  • Weekly live Q & A via webcam
  • They develop their own Golden Thread that makes them unique and dramatically increases their profit in these areas; Prospects, Promotions, Products, Partners
  • Massive over deliver on value: audios and transcripts of everything, masses of video training and guidance plus regular live webcam shows...

PLEASE NOTE: Michael just emailed me and indicated that the
LAUNCH DATE has been moved to Thursday 2nd October (in the video it still says Sept 23rd).

Now is the time to get on board. Take a look at who is already on board

Golden Thread-Private/JV Sign Up

This should be a great one!!!
Wishing you success

PS....Don't Forget to Register (Top of Page) for Updates as they Become available...this
way you will always have the competitive advantage with some of the
biggest launches to hit the net!