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Females bump into the Majority position for UK Internet Users.

The Internet usage for the UK has been predominately ruled by males. That is beginning to change. Females have now moved into a slight majority position accounting for 50.6%.

It is predicted that by 2012 female Internet usage will account for 51.4% of all UK online users.

The driving factor are younger women between 18 to 34 of age. Currently they comprise 21.4% of the female population for the UK in 2008 which is not much in comparison. However, they account for 35% of the total female population online and ultimately spend more time online than their counterpart males.

The Truth About Mobile Ads

It is no secret that 2007 was not the best year for mobile marketing. However, back office improvements and the launch of the i-Phone have moved this sector past the experimental stages. In comparison to similar interactive platforms, mobile ad spending will remain flat for 2008.Forecasts predict that mobile

Advertising and marketing for this sector will reach over $19 billion by 2012 worldwide.

2007 may not have been “the year of mobile marketing,” but with the i Phone launch and other under-the-hood improvements, mobile marketers moved past the experimental stage. Still, compared to other interactive platforms, in 2008 mobile will remain small in overall spending.

In order to gain true market maturity considerable amounts of talent, time, money, and brand negotiations will have to be spent by mobile carriers, agencies and mobile service providers.