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If you are into marketing offline or
online and researched any techniques
you will most certainly heard the
catch phrase...
"Selling the Sizzle sells the steak or Product"

Prospects, customers, clients and the like
have a lot of choices in the market
place as well as noise to sort through
when making a purchasing decision.

This forum as well as countless other
marketing platforms are filled with people
"Selling the Sizzle". We all know the
catchy headlines and catch phrases...
the inside secrets and "underground techniques.
The fact of the matter is that everyone
is selling the "Sizzle" and it is becoming
increasingly difficult to determine which
products are worth their weight and gold
and which ones should be left for the trash.

Selling the sizzle is nothing more than
illustrating to your potential client the
superiority of your product through
creative ad copy. Anyone who has a clue
realizes what good ad copy needs to
include and how to structure the copy
to include call to action. And if you don't
know how then you simply hire someone
who does. Once a lot of marketers enter
into a specific niche the niche becomes
diluted and over run with the same "Sizzle".
The internet is now a consumer marketplace
and consumers are not stupid people.

Even when identifying a need or problem
and providing the solution to the problem
all marketers do it the same fashion. Create an opt in,
Create a sales page or "Sizzle Page" and sell a product.

Now don't get me wrong this is obviously a
proven tactic that produces results...but
how may more sales could be realized...
How many people end up un-subscribing
because they gave their email to every
other opt in and now are being flooded
with the same pitch over and over again?

Innovative Marketers realize this and are now
"moving the Free line". Simply put they
are providing more free information. They are
selling the "Flame". The flame is what gaurantees
the sizzle. The flame is the origination point
for the steak going from a raw piece of meat
to a sizziling and tantalizing vision into a
mouth watering masterpiece.

The Flame is simple but yet highly effective
and is a specific source of energy. The flame,
which produces the same result over and over
again, is singular but yet evokes the same
effective result for hundreds of items.

Moving the free line and offering tons of free
stuff is offering your prospects the flame to
create the sizzle. Instead of selling the sizzle,
brand your business as the Flame that produces
the sizzle over and over again.