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Article Marketing is a very instrumental piece to your overall marketing mix.
Let’s be honest… It’s tough to get people to your website. Traffic doesn’t just happen over night. Once the visitors start coming… well, then the sales part is a breeze. It’s the “internet marketing” part that can be difficult and downright discouraging.

Well a friend of mine, Matt may have heard of him :-) has put a phenomenal book together with some great resources. He was going to sell it at first and then figured that he would simply give it away! Why? Because that is the type of guy he is!

He has been doing this online thing full-time for over 4 years now, and has literally tried just about every single traffic-generating strategy you can think of. Aside from joint ventures (and that is usually just a quick, short-term burst of traffic), the single best way to get long-term traffic is through the search engines.

There are several reasons why.

  • the people visiting your sites from search engines are highly targeted. Think about it, they were essentially searching for YOUR site.
  • It’s free! You can’t beat that, right?
  • Everyone uses search engines to find what they’re looking for. So your market potential is HUGE!
  • Did I mention that organic search engine traffic is free?

From all of my experience, I’ve found article marketing to be THE single best way to get backlinks and traffic to your site.

More backlinks = higher search engine rankings = more traffic! It doesn’t get much simpler than that. So how do you get these one-way backlinks? Easy… Article Marketing.

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