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Simply PLR

Putting the Power of Private Label Rights (PLR) at your fingertips

First ...what are PLR articles or Private Label rights? Simply put, they are articles or content that someone else wrote or Authored and are giving away their "Rights" as the original author for other people to use. I know what you are thinking; why would someone do such a thing? The answer is easy! There are several are just a couple.
  • Give away packets of Articles in exchange for you "opting in" to their mailing list. In other "Build their list"
  • Packet hundreds of these articles together and sell them from pennies on the dollar generating revenue.
What ever the reason, "PLR Articles" and "Private Label Rights" are remarkable tools to quickly grow your online business no matter what niche you are in. These powerful tools enable you to produce content for your website or blog and keep it stuffed with fresh content.

Article marketing is picking up momentum and all of the Top Internet Marketing Experts realize that article marketing = traffic period. But let's get something straight. When you here the word "Article Marketing" it means much more than writing articles and submitting them to article directories.

"Article Marketing" is a strategy that encompasses multiple avenues. Yes, submitting articles to directories is one vehicle but there is much more. Think about like this. As I write this...I am writing a article. You see, anything that involves writing (especially as it pertains to online marketing) is "Article Marketing".

You may have heard that in order to gain "Backlinks" to your website you need to do a whole bunch of stuff (this is a whole other topic).
In essence all of it is article marketing. View your site as the "Heart" of your online business. A heart needs arteries and veins to circulate blood and keep it alive. Well backlinks are the arteries and veins of your website, they keep traffic coming to your site...which keeps your site alive!

Generating backlinks =
ARTICLE MARKETING! You need to create "Hubpages", "Squidoo Lens's", Forum Posts etc. Guess what, they are all created using content and content means writing some form of article. From now on...anytime you hear "Content is King" think "Article Marketing" because articles create the content! "Article Marketing is King!

Let's face it. Most of us are not writers nor do we really have to desire to sit at our computer all day a write articles. Not to mention generating the idea's to write the articles. BUT articles are a necessity if we are to keep our websites heart beating. What is the answer?

PLR Articles | Private Label Rights

You need to use
"PLR Articles"! The trick is that you will need to spend some time and tweak them. BUT, it is a lot faster and easier to tweak an already written 500 word article than to sit down and write a 500 word article. And, if you are really good you transform the article into a "Spin Ready Article". Spin ready articles include special charaters like {{{ TEXT}}} | TEXT | that when done properly can be put into a "Article Spinner". Hit the "Enter Button" and viola! You now have another original article! NOW THAT's POWERFUL!

So, you get one
PLR Article and submit to an Article Directory (one backlink | Artery). Spin the same article and create a "Hubpage" (another backlink | Artery), spin the article again and create a "Squidoo Lens" (yet another backlink | Artery). Are you getting the idea?

IMPORTANT- The Key is to find a good source for your PLR Content. There are a lot of diffrent places to look and there is a LOT OF GARBAGE. This is where Simply PLR comes in.

Simply PLR is a Brand New resource developed by Matt Callen. If you have not heard of Matt or his Brother Brad Callen, there are two of the most respected Internet Marketing and SEO Experts on the net! They have developed first class products such as:
  • SEO ELITE (The Grand Daddy Of All Seo Software which can get you a Top 5 Google Ranking In Under 30 Days!)
  • KEYWORD ELITE ( one of the most powerful keyword research tools on the new)
  • Affiliate Elite (Get A Giant List Of All CB Affiliates For Any Product. Instantly See All Adwords Keywords For Any Domain.)
Simply PLR simply the best source for Fresh PLR Articles and Content! Not only will "Simply PLR" deliver you 225 fresh new articles a month...but there is no need for you to learn "how to wrtie spin ready articles". Simply PLR will delivery all of the articles in a "Spin Ready" format! Do you realize what that means? Basically you will have virtually over 500 articles PER MONTH. Talk about Keeping you Website Heart Healthy!

At the end of the day Simply PLR is the best place that I have found that will arm you with the necessary tools to drive traffic to your website. And, on a side note. I work with Matt Callen on a daily basis and can tell you from experience....He would not put his name on it if it was not 100% 1st class!

Wishing you Success,

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  2. shailena // July 14, 2010 at 8:05 PM  

    Well, it’s amazing. The miracle has been done. Hat’s off. Well done, as we know that “hard work always pays off”, after a long struggle with sincere effort it’s done.
    PLR articles PLR ebooks

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